jos-family-2-300x188Dear Mr. Gothard,

Since 1990 I have had pain at various times in my jaw. Last fall it became intense despite several remedies that the dentist tried. I bought a devise that I could bite on to relieve the pain. After I bought all that I could find in town, the store owner told me that they had been discontinued. I was on my last stash when I called you.

I had been taking Advil every day to get through the homeschooling. I bit on the plastic devise constantly. I stopped using my right hand for typing or the phone because the pain went all the way up to my ear and jaw, and down to my shoulder. I was just thinking that this pain would be forever. I had my husband rub my neck all the time, and I used a heating pad at night for relief.

So when you asked me how I was, and I told you about my condition, you prayed that God would heal me. The next day, I realized that the pain was gone, I even cried out in my house: “Hey, I’m not using my bite thing, and I don’t have pain! My jaw isn’t tight.” So, what happened is that God completely set my jaw in line to where the problem is gone!
So, thank you for praying and for not giving up all these years. I know after being there with you for 2 years right next to your office, sitting by you on planes, at meals, and fixing dinner for you at night, you never did anything that was inappropriate. You loved everyone and wanted to encourage them with smiles and kindness. You never made me feel weird at all. I was 20. You were older than my own dad. I felt like you cared about my life. You helped me so much. I could go on forever and maybe one day I can write more, but I love you and so does my family. We will see you one day soon I hope.