This is website born in part out of frustration that some of us, who have been singularly blessed by Bill Gothard, were having trouble getting our side of the story out. So now that we have a website, we will try to ensure that our message is not lost.

  1. Posts to this forum are moderated, meaning your comments will not appear until one of us has passed it through.
  2. There are other places for Gothard rants.  Having said that, it is fine to comment on controversy or register a complaint, with emotion, as long as it is actionable.  Meaning . . . we are trying to address problems . . . and solve them.  We are particularly interested in continuing to facilitate reconciliation where there is grief.  Where appropriate, we take all matters of that nature directly back to Bill himself for comment and, hopefully, resolution.
  3. Those that write articles and answer questions for us may choose to be identified by name, a set of initials or not at all.
  4. The opinions expressed by all participants remain their own and may not reflect the consensus of the Discovering Grace review board.
  5. Although members of the board speak with Bill Gothard from time to time it was important for those assembling this website to remain independent.  Bill does not control the content here, and it is quite likely that he does not feel comfortable with every opinion our writers express.
  6. Jesus Christ is Lord of all – and the Holy Scriptures are to be respected.  While we try to be respectful to all, input based on other persuasions may be removed.