By now most Americans are aware of the “Shiny, Happy People” documentary posted on Amazon Prime for the last several months, attacking the Duggars, IBLP, and Bill specifically.  The 4 part series is the most watched Prime documentary ever and has generated an unimaginable deluge of hatred toward all of the entities cited.

We are, as best and as objectively as we can be, furiously committed to the truth as it relates to Bill Gothard and his ministries.  It is, however, crystal clear that the producers – Chick Entertainment, lead by Olivia Crist – came into this with an agenda to destroy or at least damage conservative Christians.  They are particularly focused on those that homeschool, seeking to protect their children from the godless soul crushing woke mindset that has worked its way into all corners of our society.  To that end this is an open propaganda piece, stretching, twisting the truth mixed with an astonishing number of lies.

The purpose of this OP is in part to open a platform for this consideration for those that actually care about the truth.  We will, as always, provide the facts as we know them or can discover them.  It has, however, been amazing that, given the fury of animosity seen on Bill’s social media sites in response to the documentary, there has been an corresponding lack of interest in getting a second perspective.  We expected this blog to be buzzing, but it has most definitely been not.  Elsewhere the fury came, the fury went.

But serious, slanderous accusations have been made.  Accusations of Bill’s unimaginable wealth to overt racism to rape and serial molestation of young women and children, even to secret plans to overthrow the government.  We have been heartened to see an independent group – independent to us, to Bill, IBLP or Duggars – that discerned a larger agenda in this attack and is organizing to counter it.  Holly McLean put out a video called “Was I in a Cult?” expressing her initial concerns.  We found it extremely balanced.  Shortly thereafter a larger group formed spinning around Sacred Honor Media, intent on deploying a professional produced documentary in response.  The working title is “Shiny Slander” and research and production efforts are already underway.  We will assist them with facts and access as they ask, but have been told repeatedly that they are committed to complete independence.

Fundraising has commenced as well.  For those that would like to encourage and support them, the link is  We wholeheartedly endorse this effort and hope that likeminded individuals will support them.  The truth is the truth and we will support it wherever it leads.  But cancel culture and godless hatred of Jesus and His Word and servants are what they are as well and this boldfaced attempt to destroy us all must be answered, one way or another.  May the Lord bless Holly and the others at “Shiny Slander” and allow them to succeed.